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Midwest Sound & Lighting (MSL) are experts at tailoring technologies to meet your music and lighting needs. Helping people communicate – connecting art with science – is what they do.

MSL has more than 30 years’ experience specializing in sound, lighting and video systems.  Whether you are a small business partner revealing next year’s budget to a group of two or a famous baseball stadium, they are here to help.

MSL employs certified and qualified technicians that have the talent to provide permanently installed solutions to your technology requirements. MSL provides rental systems to clients from Vancouver, B.C. to Washington D.C.



The MMG Mentoring Program helps young, up-and-coming artists compete in today's competitive music industry environment by helping them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their success. In addition to their talent we focus on discipline, work ethic, and time management skills. Be ready to learn and work harder than you ever have before!

Part of the MMG Mentoring Program, Midlands Music Writers Group is made of a skilled and talented group of veteran song writers and craftsmen all of whom have each been writing for over 25 years. Covering every genre and style of music the group writes and produces music for other artists, film, and television projects. In addition, the group also works with emerging writers giving them the tools and experience to compete in the music industry.

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