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MMG is starting a 4 class program to be held every Tuesday starting Tuesday October 1st at 5pm at Millard South High School in Omaha, NE. (class location TBD). In this course students will be taught a basic set of skills and business habits to help them become more successful in their future careers. Students will be taken through a series of classes that highlight goal-setting, time management, using a planner, and more. Each class will be 30 minutes in length, and require the students to complete assignments before the next class.


Class1: What do I want to do?

This class starts by asking students {What do I want/like to do}?  Students will go through a series of questions including top career choices, things they do well, and skills they need to improve upon. Also, Students will be asked to write about their most perfect day, as they envision it. All these things are designed to help the students start the process of finding a promising career.


Class2: Setting Goals and Timelines

In this class, students will learn the importance of setting goals, and how to prioritize them. They will then be asked to write down personal and career goals that will be used in the final class.


In this class, students will learn how to take goals and reverse­-engineer them into their smaller, workable components. They will also learn the importance of timelines, and how to set realistic timelines based on their goals.


Class3: Day Planner

In this class, the students will work with a day planner and be shown how to do weekly planning and time management.


Class4: Putting it all Together

In this class, students will combine everything they have learned in the previous three classes and apply them to setting real-life goals, relative to their chosen fields. Students will be asked to set a series of goals and incorporate them into their planners, setting deadlines for their completion.

If you wish to submit to the Millard South MMG Mentoring Program fill out the email below. Include the code 5773 in the Message section below.


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MMG Mentoring Program 4 Class Syllabus:


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