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It's Not Over - Redeem Jocelyn!

As you may have seen Jocelyn was eliminated in the last episode of American Song Contest however, she is still in the running! There are two redemption slots to be filled by the producers. Out of all the songs in the competition "Never Alone" was truly and honestly written with a message of hope that is based in the true desire of Jocelyn to genuinely help people, letting them know they are Never Alone (see interview, link below). We want to keep this important message going out and help Jocelyn and Nebraska stay in the competition. Jocelyn with her partnership with Boys Town National Hotline and Hope Squad bringing suicide prevention resources to young people everywhere needs to continue to be part ASC. Bring Jocelyn back to the show and let her redeem herself by giving the performance of her life! You can help by continuing to stream and download "Never Alone" on all music platforms like Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music etc., watch Jocelyn's You Tube videos, Tweet and leave comments wherever you can letting everybody know you want to see Jocelyn back on the show. And most important, get this message out to everybody you can! We want to start a movement that is undeniable! Jocelyn thanks you for your support! Together we can make this happen! *Use the Suggested tags below* #ascredeemjocelynneveralone #americansongcontest #meethe56 #nbc @americansongcontest @nbc *along with photo below*


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